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Client Line Newsletter September 2020

  In this month’s Client Line newsletter, several pertinent topics are covered: Is a ROTH conversion right for you? 2020 Tax Changes Open Enrollment Planning Real Mortgage Costs Click HERE to download and view the newsletter

Client Line Newsletter July 2020

In this month’s Client Line, learn about: Business continuity and disaster recovery plans Emergency funding – building or replenishing your emergency fund Regrouping – facing your financial situation 3 legal documents that everyone MUST have Read the entire newsletter HERE.

Client Line Newsletter May 2020

In this month’s Client Line, learn about: Business Security – the SECURE Act Tax breaks: certain tax breaks scheduled to end in 2020 have been brought back Steps to a Successful Company Audit How to Correct Tax Filing Mistakes Q&A … Read More

Regulators Clear Way for Certain Loan Modifications Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Borrowers concerned about meeting loan obligations amid the Coronavirus pandemic may receive some relief from regulators who pledged to clear the way for critical loan modifications. The regulators from the FDIC, National Credit Union Administration, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau … Read More

IRS Provides Guidance for April 15th Filing Delay

On Friday, March 20th the IRS announced that tax returns due April 15th will not have to be filed until July 15, 2020. Issued by the Treasury Department, this postponement applies to and individual, trust, estate, partnership association or corporation … Read More

March 2020 Client Line Newsletter

Financing:  Many small businesses depend on access to financing in order to grown, but their financing options will vary. Loan Consequences:  Before you take any money from your 401(k), understand all of the consequences. Taxes and Retirement:  Your total tax … Read More

January 2020 Client Line Newsletter

Tax Credits or Deductions? During this tax season, it can pay to understand the two types of tax breaks the IRS offers. Getting ready to file your taxes Becoming more competitive now and in the future Resolve to become more … Read More

November 2019 Client Line Newsletter

The November Client Line newsletter has many timely topics, including: Trusts and Taxes:  Ever wonder why people put assets into trusts? When is “safe” investment best? Know the rules concerning required minimum distributions (RMDs) To view this newsletter as a … Read More

September 2019 Client Line Newsletter

The September Client Line newsletter has many timely topics, including: Life Insurance Awareness Month:  When you buy life insurance, you plan for the worst and hope for the best. During this Life Insurance Awareness Month, consider the many reasons to … Read More

July 2019 Client Line Newsletter

  The July Client Line newsletter has many timely topics, including: Tax Tuneup:  make the adjustments needed to ensure a tax-efficient year Terms that Income Investors should know How to set up an Internship Program Disaster Planning for small businesses … Read More